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Solar Installers Melbourne & Battery Backup

Take control of your energy costs. Electricity makes up a significant portion of your home budget and with electricity costs on the rise and increasing demand on the grid, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar panel system.  The power will literally be in your hands as you generate free power from your new solar panels.  Combine your world-class solar panels with your very own battery storage and let’s help get you off the grid and protect you from what will be continually rising electricity prices. Allset can help you in installing Solar Panels to your residence or business address. We are top solar installers Melbourne company.

Allset Electrical Solutions are passionate about harnessing the natural resource of our Sun to save you money, provide clean renewable energy and improve the environment.  We will help you through this exciting process every step of the way.

Benefits of Solar Power

Let’s look briefly at the real benefits of a professionally installed solar system:

  • Protects you from rising energy bills by removing the relianceon your power company during the day.
  • Switching to Solar can save you thousands of dollars and better yet get you virtually off the grid altogether when combined with our battery storage solutions.
  • Reduces the risk of power outages and brown outs affecting your home.
  • Let’s you use clean energy created from your very own solar power system and reduces burning of fossil fuels which are harmful to the environment.
  • Solar Power is inexpensive, easy to maintain, clean, silent and environmentally friendly.
  • Harnesses the power of the Sun – A totally Free resource that is in abundance in Australia so let’s make the most of it!
  • Solar Power increases property value and is a smart long term investment in your home
  • Our High Quality Systems will last in excess of 25+ years
  • Increased levels of in home charging (Smart Phones/Tablets/Laptops etc) will all drawfrom the power of the sun
  • Future proof your car running costs when you one day have an electric vehicle to charge
  • Partner with one of our quality battery storage systems to give your home true energy independence with the goal of getting off the grid.


  • Grow your profit by cutting rising electricity costs dramatically and immediately.
  • Reduce operational costs
  • A solar system supported by one of our commercial battery storage systems will provide significant savings and additional cash flow to re-invest back into your business.
  • Reduces the risk of power outages and brown outs affecting your business.
  • Be seen to be Green and let your customers know you are a socially responsible corporate citizen.
  • Allset Electrical Solutions will conduct Feasibility, System Design and Plan, Solar Power Installation as well as Monitoring and Maintenance.

A great Investment

The per annum solar savings alone are attractive, but when you take the logical step of looking at the savings over 25 years (the Solar Panel performance warranty) you begin to get a better idea of why companies like Google, Apple and Ikea are investing in their own solar systems.

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Our Simple 3 Step Installation Plan

Step 1

Call us and our experienced and fully accredited electricians will audit the site, assess your electricity needs and plan the perfect spot for your new solar panels.

Step 2

Our solar installers Melbourne electricians then securely install the panels to your roof, safely wiring the panels to the inverter.

Step 3

Following installation, your bi-directional meter will be installed/reconfigured.  Once this is completed you can switch your new solar system on and start saving literally thousands of dollars in the coming decades.

We’ll be there for any ongoing advice, questions or maintenance requirements.  You’ll have us on your team for all your electrical and energy management needs.

What else should you know before giving us a call?

Our Solar and Battery Storage Quotes are Free

Yes, that’s right our quotes are absolutely free. There are no charges or fees for quoting your job.

We only use high quality equipment

Our solar panels, inverters, and batteries are world class.  We carefully pair them together to deliver our valued customers and their homes with the most advanced and energy efficient system to suit their needs for the long term.

No Hidden Extras

It’s just not us.  We’re Victorian owned and run, a business you can trust.  No cheap offers to lure you into a commitment only to be charged additional fees and adjustments later.  We will comprehensively audit and plan your Solar & Battery Storage Solutions. You will never pay more than the quoted price.  That’s our promise.

Accredited Installers and Products

We are CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited, licenced in Victoria and are fully insured.  Safety, Quality and Integrity of workmanship are important to us.  The team undergo extensive training prior to ensure we are best in class in solar and battery storage installations.

No job too big or too small

From small homes to large Commercial Installations, Allset Electrical Solutions deliver the best outcome for the customer no matter the size of the job.

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Contact us to discuss the solar and battery storage solution that’s best for you. We’ll provide a personalised quote that represents the best system for your home, energy needs and budget.

At Allset Electrical Solutions we are passionate about Energy Education, Efficiency and utilising the Natural Resources of the Sun.  We really like to make it simple and enjoyable for our valued customers and that means you.

Call 1800 255 738ALL SET for a free, no obligation, personalised quote or drop us an email with your details and a brief description of what you would like to install and our team of solar installers Melbourne will give you a call back within 48 hours.

Solar Installers Melbourne

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