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1800 255 738ALL SET


Where are you based, what areas do you cover and how quickly will I get a response?

We are proudly Melbourne owned and run.  We cover all of metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria as required.  Our response time is important to us because we know sometimes you just need help fast.  Our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours of your enquiry or call. For all emergency enquiries that involve making a site safe we prioritise and aim to be on site within a matter of hours.


What are the main tasks or types of work you complete?

With over 25 years of experience and a passion for providing sustainable solutions for our customers whether that be simply more energy efficient lighting, general maintenance, complete wiring of new builds or re-wires, switchboard upgrades, building/site audits followed by rectification and lighting plans, Insurance Jobs, make safes, Commercial Maintenance, through to solar and battery storage solutions which is an emerging part of our business.  No job is too big or small.  Allset Electrical will have all your Electrical service requirements covered and we look forward to supporting you and being part of your team.


Do our electrical appliances need to be tagged and tested?

All electrical appliances need to be tested and tagged by a licensed tradesman to ensure correct wiring and safe operation. Allset Electrical Solutions will catalogue the results and repair any faulty appliances for you.  This will also ensure you meet fundamental Health & Safety requirements for your greatest asset…your staff.


How do we know our safety switches are working as they should?

All power and light circuit installationsrequire a safety switch installed. Allset Electrical Solutions qualified electricians conduct regular testing on our customer’s safety switches to ensure they are operating correctly.


Is my emergency lighting system up to standard?

All buildings across Melbourne have some form of emergency lighting.  What some people don’t know is that emergency lighting must be tested every 3-6 months by law to ensure that in the event of a power failure the emergency lighting system in place will securely and safely light up an exit pathway for everyone in the building.  Allset Electrical will ensure your emergency lighting system is maintained and in full working order.


What is Thermal imaging and how does it work?

Thermal imaging gives our team a visual representation of heat signatures within your switchboard wiring or electrical installation.  It identifies issues like overloaded circuits, underrated cables, poor connections, drafts that present a risk of fire or the spread of fire within your facility.  This is a non-invasive procedure that will not disrupt your power supply allowing you to operate normally while Allset Electrical Solutions identify, report and rectify any issues present.


Do you support the Education sector?

Allset Electrical takes great pride in improving the state of electrical infrastructure within our Victorian Schools.  We complete a comprehensive audit of your school and provide recommendations that will deliver sustainable solutions that will be long lasting, energy efficient and in the long run reduce operating costs while providing a safer environment for your students and staff.  All of our staff have Working with Children’s Checks as a pre-requisite for working within our organisation.


What about my Smoke Alarms, should they be tested often?

Smoke alarms are an essential life saver. They detect smoke and emit a loud piercing alarm providing critical seconds to inhabitants of a fire or smoke affected residence allowing those people to initiate their exit plan saving their lives and potentially their property.

If your residence doesn’t have a smoke alarm installed then we highly recommend you get one installed. If you have multiple levels in your home or commercial building then smoke alarms should be installed on each floor of the property.

For all new homes all smoke alarms must be interlinked with one another to meet Australian standards.

Smoke alarms should be self-tested monthly, with batteries changes every year.  To make it easy to remember change them every time we enter daylight savings when you’re changing your clocks, just a helpful tip. Smoke alarms older than 10 years should be replaced and updated.


I want to renovate, can you help plan and implement an appropriate lighting plan for our project?

Yes.  It’s what we do.  Simply contact us via email or phone and we will come out and discuss your plans and provide feedback on a professional plan for your exciting project.  You will receive a written quote and we will start as required by you.


I’m not sure you can help me, my jobs only a small one or perhaps it’s quite large?

Allset Electrical are adept and set up to deliver world class service whether it’s changing a light globe, commercial maintenance, office fit-outs, data cabling, to wiring and maintenance of large commercial buildings or major developments.  Our customers are at the heart of what we do no matter what size.  All you need to do is give us a call.


How does solar power work?

Rooftop solar panels contain photovoltaic cells (PV). PV panels capture the radiation from the sun and convert it into electricity. When sunlight hits the PV cells, this activates photons that flow and generate electricity.

The electricity generated from the PV panels is called DC (Direct Current).  Because DC is not compatible with our household devices we need to install an inverter to “invert” the DC output into AC (Alternating Current) which then allows the captured power to be used in your home.


What if I generate more power than I use?

Surplus electricity is fed back into the grid.  You will remain connected to the grid so that you can access traditional electricity when required.  Alternatively, by installing one of our batteries you can enjoy the freedom of being self-sufficient and getting off the grid.


What happens if it is Cloudy?

It depends how cloudy and the type of equipment you have installed. At Allset Electrical Solutions we will only recommend the highest quality panels that generate power in low light conditions and offer a broad spectral response.  We want our customers to have the best quality system providing years of sustainable energy.


I have a Solar Panel System, so can I integrate and convert this to a Battery Storage system?

Yes you can!  It’s what we do and take great pride in.  We will simply replace your Inverter to a Hybrid and add Batteries.  Then the best part, you save even more money and together we help the environment by using the natural resources of the sun and reduce fossil fuel consumption.


Batteries – Is this something I can afford?

We have a range of world class battery systems to suit your needs whether your home is small or large we can provide a system perfect for you.  We also cater for all types of businesses both large and small because we understand that there’s always room for improved efficiency and Cashflow.  Whether it’s a home or business why waste your money on increasing power costs when you can invest that money more wisely for the longer term.


Can I go off the grid with a battery and be bill free?

While as part of the Essential Services Act, no Australian is allowed to disconnect from Energy or Water for the vast majority of time you will be self-reliant.


What about maintenance and servicing of my system?

Allset Electrical Solutions only install the highest quality systems that require no maintenance.


How can I be sure my system is working?

Solar systems need light.  Working to draw energy during the day and resting and utilising stored energy at night.  For peace of mind a clear indication will be displayed on your Inverter to tell you that everything is working as it should be.  If ever theres a problem then you can simply give us a call and we will pop out to assist.  Given the standard of equipment we use, we doubt we will ever hear from you…which is sad but good at the same time.

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