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Rising Energy Costs – 8 Strategies to reduce the impact on your hip pocket

If you’ve been reading, listening or watching any media coverage in recent times or even kept a notional eye on your electricity and energy bills you will know that Melbourne households are facing a huge jump in their electricity and gas prices. Here’s 8 strategies on how you can control your rising energy costs.

Even as recent as last week The Sunday Herald Sun revealed that Energy Australia is rolling out significant price jumps in 2018 that will push electricity bills up by 14.9 percent.

From January 2 the average residential customer will pay an extra $278 a year for electricity, pushing their annual bill to $2134.

And gas customers will pay an extra $192 a year, with an average annual cost of $1612.  That’s an overall increase of approx. $470 per year to the average household for electricity and gas.

Since 2013, the average Victorian has paid an eye-watering $795 more a year for gas and electricity.

The surge in electricity charges has been blamed on the steep climb in wholesale energy prices and the closure of coal-fired power stations including Hazelwood.

Most homes on quarterly bills will not see the full impact of the energy price increases until February and March which will come as a shock for those unaware of the situation.

Energy bills are the second biggest cost of households behind the mortgage or rent, so an increase of approx. 14% will present challenges for many Melbourne households.

So what can we you do?

Take Control of your Energy Costs

Rather than wait for a magical electrical fairy to wave a wand and cut energy prices by 50%, take control of your own energy situation and think about taking the following immediate actions that will reduce or in some cases totally reverse the cost to your household’s hip pocket.

  1. Be sensible with appliances – Run your dishwasher and washing machines only when you have them full and during off-peak times if possible.
  2. Insulation – Check your house’s insulation. A well-insulated house can make a significant difference to energy costs in both winter and summer.
  3. Motion Sensor Lighting – Often customers will leave outdoor lighting on unnecessarily all evening which can be very expensive indeed. Sensor lighting provides perfect security and safety switching on when needed by movement within the range of the sensor.  Whether you need to light a pathway, driveway or verandah when loved ones come home or want to be alerted when someone approaches your house, Sensor Lighting is a sensible and efficient way to illuminate all parts of your house.
  4. Purchase with energy efficiency in mind – When upgrading appliances in your home make sure the appliance you have fallen in love with also has a good energy rating. Modern appliances are more efficient and marketed to an ever-increasing global conscience around energy efficiency.  Choose wisely and save.
  5. LED Lighting – You have no doubt heard about LED lighting and the significant cost savings in making the switch to LED lights throughout your entire home. This is quite simply one of the smartest and quickest strategies you can use to turn the tables on the energy companies and their rising energy costs.  Contact a Melbourne Electrician who can quote and install LED lighting in your home today.
  6. Go Solar – When you weigh up the 14%+ increase in electrical costs and think about the future trajectory of electricity prices, installing solar panels on your homes roof has never been a smarter investment. Combine that with your contribution to reducing the carbon footprint and it makes sense to contact a qualified installer.
  7. Home Battery Storage – Keen to go off the grid and literally save thousands of dollars over the coming years? Then partnering your solar panels with a home battery system is the answer.  Why pay for your electrical needs when you can harness the power of the Sun and never be beholden to the power companies again.  It’s liberating to invest in a system that provides consumers such freedom for the long term.  Definitely worth consideration and a discussion with a qualified installer of a complete home battery storage system.
  8. Switch & Save – Energy costs (or) prices will continue to rise and one strategy is simply to shop around as energy providers reserve their biggest discounts and best deals for new customers. It’s a simple phone call or two that could save you literally hundreds of dollars per year with many consumers saving in excess of 10% of their annual energy bills by simply asking the question.

Allset Electrical Solutions are Electricians in Melbourne with over 25 years’ experience who can provide you with all the answers and support you need to start taking control of your electricity bill and avoid the massive price increases on the horizon.

The power is literally in your hands. Hope you found this a worthwhile read.

For more information, contact our friendly team on – 1800 255 738. You can also email us on contact@allsetelectricalsolutions.com.au

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